About Us

Your security is our priority!
We are a prestigious firm comprising of professionals that understand the need for security in this rapidly changing world. We safeguard you from all sorts of notorious elements so that you can have a peaceful life. Once you come under our wings, we take all the measures to ensure your protection. Whether it is the safety of your home from fire, theft, or any other similar threat, we have the capability to provide you with a solution to alleviate the problems related to your safety.

We offer a complete force to be reckoned with. Our security experts will amplify your security by multifold. Furthermore, we have guard dogs and specialist dogs to secure the parameters of your home. They will detect whatever misses the precise senses of our personnel. And while you receive extra security with our CCTV and other electronic installments like baggage scanners and entry-guard stations, we will also protect you against fire. Our expert Fire Marshalls and fire security systems will be activated on a moment’s notice of flames. Henceforth, we protect yourself with the uneventful forces of mankind and nature alike. We are an adamant wall, an unbreakable shield, and an impenetrable barrier for your safety.

Our diligent and dutiful security forces understand their role. With our consultancy and expert insights, you will be able to plan your security details thoroughly. We offer an extensive range of services, from security for buildings and organization to your security. With our versatility, you will have a single stop for all of your security requirements. Contact us today for round the clock security and safety of you and your family.

Mr. Chandrakant Halavi
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Mr. Sachin Bilagoji
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Our Vision
-: We envision a future as an agency that offers unparalleled security services.

For the service of people, we work diligently to achieve this vision. It is a shared vision of the members of our agency. Thus, with combined efforts and team spirit, we strive to offer the safest environment. We hope to reduce the adversities in the world such as crimes, mugging, robberies, and violence. It is only possible is we consistently work to prevent it. This vision of the future motivates us to encompass and provide every possible security service available in the world. We shall dominate the security industry to be the aces, the alpha agency you can call for action.

Our Mission
-: Our mission is to provide a competent unit of professionals in our field.

We expect to offer you optimum security where you can feel completely safe. An agency you can rely upon, regarding any task. Whether it be safeguarding a residence, or managing grandiose events; therefore, we strive to enhance the quality of our personnel and integrate the latest equipment. By establishing groundwork for a chain of commands, we operate like a separate entity that can be compared to standard forces. World-class training and certification programs for our security details take us closer to providing you with the best security services in Belgaum.